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The Barnes Review, May/June 2011: Ulysses S. Grant: Soldier, General, President, Populist



May/June 2011         Volume XVII         Number 3

Table of Contents

Grant: Why They Hate Him
By Marc Roland

Smeared by historians as a drunken general and a corrupt president, Grant was perhaps the only man in the North who was able to beat the South. What is the truth about this man, who certainly had his ups and downs? …

Saul of Tarsus (aka Paul the Apostle)
By Harrell Rhome, Ph.D.

A man of mystery, Paul of Tarsus is surely the second most important figure in the history of the Christian church. But was he being used by the Roman ruling class? Harrell Rhome explores some shocking possibilities in a controversial piece bound to inform—and perhaps even infuriate…

Secrets of the District of Columbia
By John Tiffany

What did the architects of the District of Columbia have in mind for the capital of the fledgling United States of America? Perhaps it takes the wizardry of a professional astrologer to puzzle it out. Turns out Washington is chock full of zodiacs, horoscopes and other secret symbolism…

Who’s Behind the Arab Revolutions?
By M. Raphael Johnson, Ph.D.

We would like to think it’s all about freedom and democracy, these revolutions sweeping the Arab world. But, according to Johnson, it’s all about Islamic banking, which doesn’t charge interest…

Canadian Connection to JFK’s Killing
By Michael Bradley

Canada played a key role in the historic events of modern North America, from the Cuban Missile Crisis to the JFK assassination, says controversial scholar Michael Bradley…

U.S. Intervention in Bolshevik Russia
By M. Raphael Johnson, Ph.D.

For once our leaders attacked the right enemy—by some quirk of fate—when we invaded the Communists’ evil empire, at both the eastern and western ends of the monster, in this little-remembered episode…

Was Reagan All That Conservative?
By Pat Shannan

Many a conservative still reveres "the Gipper" to this day. But even before he became president, wiser heads were pointing to Ronald Reagan as a counterfeit conservative. How was the wool so effectively pulled over everyone’s eyes? …

Britain’s War of Starvation
By Joaquin Bochaca

Food and medicine were denied to women, children and other innocent civilians, even England’s former allies, by perfidious Albion during World War II. What happened to human rights and the rule of international law we were fighting for? …

Labor Camps in the Baltics & Finland
By Henrik Holappa

Not satisfied to claim they were exterminated by Nazis in Poland, the Jews insist they were also genocided in the Baltic states in a whole other set of death camps created for them. A Finnish Revisionist says, however, evidence is nowhere to be found…

Farewell Berlin: Hitler at the End
By Carolyn Yeager & Wilhelm Mann—Conclusion

As the terrible war wound down toward its end and a horrible "peace," Hitler shared with insider Hermann Giesler his dreams of building a better Europe. Even as the Reich was crumbling, Hitler refused to look back…

What Should White Nationalists Do?
By Charles Edsall Whitlock

A new book is out, by a young man who dared to stand up to a hypocritical academic establishment. It may give readers some ideas about where the white nationalist movement could go…

Young Revisionist Stymies Court
Translated by J.M. Damon

Rather than wait to be attacked for practicing freedom of conscience, a new breed of young Revisionists has developed a daring new tactic. They actually accuse themselves of the thought "crimes" invented by the enemy, and then challenge the system to prove they are guilty. And it is working…

Featured in this issue:
Personal from the Editor ∙ Editorial: Was Grant a hero or butcher? ∙ JFK and the cigar crisis ∙ Assassination plots against Castro ∙ History You May Have Missed ∙ News You May Have Missed ∙ A letter from Arno Breker ∙ A Reich of art and culture ∙ Book Review: Taking Our Own Side ∙ Letters to the Editor

8.5"×11", saddle stitched, 80 pp., b/w illustrations

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