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The Barnes Review, May/June 2005: A Revisionist Look at Gen. Sam Houston



May/June 2005         Volume XI         Number 3

Table of Contents

Sam Houston Re-Examined
By Bruce Marshall

We are very pleased to present an article from a man who is most likely the best authority on Texas history around today. Mr. Bruce Marshall takes the reader on an exciting and enlightening tour of a pivotal time for Texas—the confrontation between Gen. Sam Houston and Gen. Santa Anna. The only problem is, Houston is not the man most Texans thought him to be…

Inside the Mind of Yockey
By Peter Huxley-Blythe

Famed writer and historian Peter Huxley-Blythe, a personal friend and correspondent with Ulick Varange, better known as Francis Parker Yockey, author of Imperium, provides a Revisionist angle on one of the most underrated political theorists of the 20th century. There is much of interest here, especially the conspiracy of the thouht police to destroy Yockey and his legacy…

Adam Smith & the Wealthy
By Dr. M. Raphael Johnson

This brief historical column cites a few telling passages from Adam Smith, passages that should stop the mouths of the big-money Beltway conservative set. Controlled by big oil, neo-conservatism has been a promoter of acquisitive capitalism, condemned by Smith himself…

How Brandeis Got His Seat
By Alex Perry Jr.

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal discussed the indiscretions of Woodrow Wilson and other presidents. The author claimed that Wilson was blackmailed before his governorship and presidency for an affair with Mary Peck. But author Alex Perry sets the record straight, telling us a different story—one of a scheming Samuel Untermeyer and his use of blackmail to get President Wilson to appoint Louis Brandeis to the Supreme Court.

Who is Robert Faurisson?
By Guillaume Fabien

Robert Faurisson is certainly one of the best-known and most competent historians in the short history of the Revisionist movement. He was one of the first to risk questioning specific facts about the Holocaust and was nearly killed by Jewish extremists for doing so…

America, Neutrality & WWI
By Harry Elmer Barnes

TBR’s namesake takes on the hack historians concerning America’s entry into that needless and destructive wars—World War I. In no manner did the U.S. have an interest in the war, and she certainly did not have an interest in the peace. However, Wilson’s confidant, the communist Col. House, was very interested in this war for it had great potential for redrawing the map of Europe to suit the American left. Sadly, it did…

Keeping Society Alive
By Revilo Oliver

What is the West? What is Europe? These are central questions, and, as odd as it might seem, have not been adequately answered. People who care about the survival of the “West” don’t seem to know what the word means, and fall back on one ingredient of European civilization that suits their particular political view. Here, Dr. Oliver clears much of this up…

The Infamous Russia Letter
Presented by the TBR Staff

Several months ago, most of the truly Russian intelligentsia issued a statement condemning the power that mobsters have accumulated at the expense of Russia. At one time heir to one of the world’s great civilizations, under Zionist rule, Russia has been reduced to abject poverty and political passivity. All of this might be changing however…

When Hellas Stood Alone
By Peter Anthony Manti

TBR is happy to present an article on the ancient Greeks, one of the globe’s elite peoples. Given short shrift by affirmative action professors in the corrupt universities, it is left to TBR to build upon and defend the greatness of our forefathers of Western culture…

The Great Tsunami of 2004
By Dr. Harrell Rhome

The tsunami of 2004 was so massive and so powerful, even atomic clocks had to be reset—it literally “changed time.” But there were other changes to the earth—and its inhabitants—that you may not have noticed, but will be with us as long as man records history. Here is a short synopsis from a TBR editorial board member…

Zündel—from the Gulag
By Ernst Zündel

One of the world’s most prominent political prisoners gives TBR an exclusive essay in which he suggests a plan for the survival of the endangered white race. Arriving to TBR in lead pencil (the only tool he has been given to put down his thoughts in the German prison in which he is presently incarcerated), this insightful paper asks for the participation of TBR and its readers in formulating and carrying out this plan…

Hitler: The Unknown Soldier
By Michael Collins Piper

Adolf Hitler: Few know much about his courageous participation in World War I and even fewer have ever seen an unbiased film on the man. Hitler: The Unknown Soldier is one of those rare films on Hitler that actually helps set the historical record straight—taking an honest look at Hitler, the frontline fighter, and his quite impressive combat record compiled during “the Great War.”…

8.5"×11", saddle stitched, 80 pp., b/w illustrations

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