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The Barnes Review, January/February 2008: Of Scottish Blood: American Freedom



January/February 2008         Volume XIV         Number 1

Table of Contents

Of Scottish Blood: American Freedom
By John Tiffany

Many Scots have made contributions to civilization, including inventing the telephone, television, tires, bicycle, penicillin and many other things. They also deserve most of the credit for creating the British empire. Ironically, the Scots are also very largely responsible for the independence of America and our individual freedom. This article focuses on Scottish contributions to the civilization of the United States…

Marxism & The American ‘Civil War’
By Gary Ayres

Communists were not only active in places like Russia in the 19th century. A home-grown Red named John Weydemeyer, who was constantly in contact with Karl Marx and his cronies, was active in stirring up what became known as the Civil War, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dead patriots from the North and South…

The Sad Saga of St. Simon of Trent
By Dr. Harrell Rhome

TBR touched in a recent issue upon the strange, sad saga of little Simonino di Trento, Italy (commonly called Trent by English speakers) in the context of the larger issue of ethnic ritual murder. Here is a follow-up with more details on the two year-old martyr…

De Gaulle: Love Him Or Hate Him?
By John Nugent

The French people and the so-called Anglo-Saxons have a love-hate relationship that goes back many centuries. John de Nugent, an American with French ancestry who has lived in France, gives us an essential guide to understanding what makes the French tick—especially their charismatic late leader, General/President Charles de Gaulle…

The Legacy of St. Joan of Arc
By Margaret Huffstickler

St. Joan of Arc is a national heroine of France, yet she is still the subject of many misconceptions. The English had her tried and executed for “heresy.” The judgment was overturned by the pope, and she was declared innocent and a martyr 24 years later. This article takes a moment to reflect on one of the most celebrated women in history…

Treblinka Was No Death Camp
By Dr. Fredrick Töben

The holocaustians are in retreat. First they said Jews were exterminated in Germany; then it was only in occupied Poland (Auschwitz etc). Well, that did not work either. Their new, fallback position is to claim that while Auschwitz may not have been so terrible, other camps like Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec and Majdanek were the real extermination centers. Do Revisionists have the facts to counter these latest claims?…

Hans Kammler & the Nazi Space Program
By Daniel W. Michaels

For years there have been rumors that the Nazis of Germany were experimenting with anti-gravitational and saucer technology. Now evidence is emerging that there may be something to these mind-boggling stories after all…

John Amery: A Brit for Nazi Germany
By Willis A. Carto

John Amery, a peer of the realm, decided to abandon Britain for Germany.Why?He spoke on the radio on behalf of the Nazis, and even went so far as to recruit fellow Britons into the Waffen-SS, where they had their own special unit. After all these years, we have a chance to hear his own statements as to what motivated him to do some highly unorthodox things. Was he a traitor or a hero of the most admirable kind?…

Oswald Spengler Versus Adolf Hitler
By Paul T. Angel

Some people argue that Spengler was a forerunner of Hitler and foreshadowed the Nazi Party’s rise to power. While there are some similarities between the two philosophies, the differences are very significant…

My Revolutionary Life: The Exile
By General Leon Degrelle

As the Red Army continued to march into the heartland of Europe, Degrelle finally realized the best alternative was to flee to neutral Spain, and did so, in a daring flight in April 1945. He survived the crash landing of his plane, spending time in a near full-body cast, only to emerge from the hospital a wanted man. The mainstream media colored public opinion, reporting that Degrelle was shacking up with a black woman in South America and that he was a war criminal. An Israei hit team was even sent to assassinate him in Spain, but it failed…

Just Say ‘No’ to Christian Identity
By Lady Michèle Renouf

Lady Renouf, an eminent spokesperson for Revisionism and free speech, says the Identitymovement in Christianity is a false hope. Christian Identity, she says, is merely a transference of rabid Judeo-supremacism to a Christian group.What we need, she argues, is to get back to the traditional values and philosophies of classical Greece. This is Part One of TBR “pointcounterpoint” on Christian Identity…

Christian Identity: America’s Best Hope?
By Rev. Thomas Robb

In Part Two of the Christian Identity “point-counterpoint,” Pastor Thom Robb, a pro-Christian Identity activist and pastor, holds forth on why Christians in America should give serious consideration to the arguments that the Indo-Europeans may be the descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel, and what that amazing theory means for the future…

8.5"×11", saddle stitched, 64 pp., b/w illustrations

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