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The Barnes Review, January/February 2005: Francis Parker Yockey



January/February 2005         Volume XI         Number 1

Table of Contents

The Destiny of America?
By Francis Parker Yockey

Most TBR readers are vaguely familiar with Yockey’s Imperium, but some of his shorter works remain obscure. Yockey’s pen was indeed creative, and his work needs a much wider and more scholarly audience. This great philosopher may be a means by which certain strands of nationalism can all find a home.

Taking Back America
By Edgar J. Steele

We couldn’t resist giving our readers another taste of this courageous lawyer. Not only is he good in the courtroom, but he’s also a firebrand in public as well. He continually reminds us of the tremendous odds we face, but does not fall into the negativism that infects so many in the nationalist movement.

Holocaust Smoke & Mirrors
By Alex Perry Jr.

With all the technical writing that has gone on concerning the Holocaust, it is good now and then to provide a more basic critique of this most colossal of lies. Perry shows that this durable myth cannot stand even a rudimentary criticism, as the very notion of such an event occurring flies in the face of common sense.

Central Doctrines of Fascism
By Benito Mussolini

It is rare that Mussolini, the man who actually coined the term and developed fascism’s tenets, is read on his own. There is much in Mussolini that might make American patriots and nationalists wince, but this man, a former Marxist and one-time street vagrant, should be read in the context of his times and the nature of both the Great Depression and the brutal tyranny of the Soviet Union.

Ills of Paleo-Conservatism
By Jack Ross

It is common enough in nationalist circles to hear Lew Rockwell or Sam Francis’s name bandied about. But what exactly are these men doing? Do they have a presence at all in the American political debate? Are paleoconservatives little more than an intellectual movement and debating society cut off from the masses?

Forgotten Federalist
By Dr. M. Raphael Johnson, Ph.D

The extent to which Americans pick and choose their “favorite” Founding Fathers is rather odd. Many brilliant theorists are left out of the literature in this field almost entirely. Many others are completely unknown, even to educated Americans. Though the federalism of Fisher Ames as presented in this piece is rather extreme, Ames is one of these polemicists that make entertaining and thought-provoking reading.

Our National Anthems
By Margo Turner

Why was Francis Scott in Baltimore Harbor when the British bombarded Fort McHenry during the War of 1812? And why was his ship moored to a British man-of-war? Award winning author Margo Turner tells us the true history of the creation of our national anthem.

The Truth About South Africa
By Jaap Marais

Every prediction that rightist forces the world over made concerning the turnover of South Africa to the black and Jewish communists has come true to the letter. Suddenly of no interest to American or English journalists, South Africa has descended to third worldism. Her rampant crime, poverty and illiteracy are out of control and most of the productive capital has fled the country. The late nationalist leader Jaap Marais sets the record straight here on what really happened in South Africa throughout the 1990s.

Naval Man Defends Kimmel
By Captain Vincent J. Colan

The lies and deceit of the Establishment’s position on Pearl Harbor is a glaring black mark on American historical research. The various questions pertaining to guilt and command responsibility also merge well with the bureaucratic inertia that keeps justice from being accomplished in this area. This article is actually a series of letters that deal with some of the major issues.

Blood, Soil & Nationalism
By Troy Southgate

In this powerful article, newcomer Troy Southgate provides an analysis within the NSDAP between Walter Darre and Adolf Hitler over the issue of agricultural com mune-ization and the movement toward German empire. This represented a major schism within the ranks of Hitler’s party. Though Hitler was personally interested in Darre’s idealism, the political necessities of the moment carried the day.

The Tsarina’s Curse
By Alec De Montmorency

Much speculation exists as to the last moments of the Romanov family and in particular the strange rune which the Empress Alexandra scrawled in her own blood upon the wall of the basement room in the Ypatiev house. The late Alec De Montmorency, himself descended of the royal houses of Europe, explains.

Who Were the Philistines?
By Wulf Schuldes

The Philistines were one of the “Peoples of the Sea.” But from whence did they come and how did they end up in the Middle East? Longtime TBR reader Wulf Schuldes offers us a Revisionist look at the Philistines.

8.5"×11", saddle stitched, 80 pp., b/w illustrations

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