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TBR Anthology—The Barnes Review in Review: 2008-2010


TBR is now offering a brand new anthology composed of about four dozen articles from recent years. Thanks to the efforts of the editorial staff, the breadth of the material covered is astounding. Entitled: The Barnes Review in Review: 2008-2010, this 160-page compilation contains some of TBR’s most powerful articles on many periods in history and will make a perfect addition to your library or a gift for someone you know. This amazing anthology includes articles on:

  • The Nazi space program
  • Why the Brits hated Joan of Arc
  • Did Hitler have an A-bomb?
  • New facts about ante-bellum slavery
  • The Bush Ghost of Africa—Paul von Leetow Vorbeck
  • 28 problems with the holocaust
  • Willis Carto & the far right
  • The real legacy of Martin Luther
  • Woodrow Wilson & the theft of Palestine
  • The strange death of George Patton
  • The true story of WWII’s dambusters
  • Arminius versus the Romans
  • Real Civil War death camp
  • Black blizzards of the dustbowl
  • The sinking of the Royal Oak
  • A Prussian in the Rebel cavalry
  • America’s great Indian race wars
  • The traitors behind Germany’s defeat
  • Abraham Lincoln’s police state
  • When Egypt discovered America
  • Forgotten riders of the Revolution
  • Templars in North America in the 1300s
  • The Stuttgart atrocity
  • Who’s in WWII’s mass graves?
  • Death of JFK’s mystery mistress
  • Neanderthal DNA: The true story
  • Antony & Cleopatra
  • The treasure of the Goths
  • Poland’s censored holocaust
  • The Nebra Sky Disk
  • New revelations about Rudolf Hess
  • Real-life Zorro an Irishman
  • Eyewitness to Nagasaki holocaust
  • Why “they” hate this Auschwitz book

Even more!

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Quality color cover, perfect bound, 160 pages, four dozen different articles

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