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Lincoln: Father of Our Nation? ‘Honest’ Abe & the Construction of the Modern Federal Police State


Lincoln: Father of Our Nation? ‘Honest’ Abe & the Construction of the Modern Federal Police State

By Alex S. Perry jr.

Abraham Lincoln, a poorly educated man, was not a highly moral person but a jackleg, which is why he called himself “Honest Abe”—as a cover for his crookedness, according to our author, Alex Perry. But worse, Perry says Lincoln should be considered the father of our nation as what we see in America is certainly not what the Founding Fathers intended, but instead more closely resembles the federal police state set up by Abraham Lincoln to solidify his tyrannical control over the entire populace, the Constitution be damned.

Abraham Lincoln won the presidency with the most votes, but not a majority. His education consisted of reading a few borrowed books. He knew nothing of Greek or Latin. Maybe if Lincoln had had knowledge of classical languages, his administration would have been different. [Read the entire article as PDF…]

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