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Corrupt Secret Associates of Benedict Arnold


Corrupt Secret Associates of Benedict Arnold

By Henry Ford

Benedict Arnold was a hero… and then a traitor. The worst kind of traitor. One who would turn his back on his nation and his best friend. One who would turn on his own in battle, capturing and burning Richmond, Va. at the head of British troops after his defection. But Arnold’s real problem with Congress and his superiors in the military began when a number of bad acquaintances converged in Arnold’s life. This included British Major John André, loyalist-leaning Peggy Shippen and David Solesbury Franks, a Jewish specialist in profiting from military contracts. Originally written and published by Henry Ford in his Dearborn Independent in 1921, the article avoids the political correctness so prevalent today.

The part taken by Jews in the wars of the United States has been a subject of considerable boasting by Jewish publicists. It is a most interesting subject. It deserves the fullest possible treatment. It is not The Dearborn Independent’s present purpose to challenge the Jewish boast; it is, however, our purpose to fill in the omitted parts of the story, and supply the missing links in several of the most interesting episodes in American history. This will be done on the basis of unquestioned historical authority, mostly of a Jewish character, and solely in the interests of a complete understanding of a matter which Jewish leaders have brought to the front. The first subject that will be treated in this [Dearborn Independent] series is the part of Jews in the treason of Benedict Arnold. [Read the entire article as PDF…]

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