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An Alternate View of World History And Global End Times Doctrines From an Indo-Aryan Perspective


An Alternate View of World History And Global End Times Doctrines From an Indo-Aryan Perspective

By Harrell Rhome, M.Div., Ph.D.

The basic, primordial, traditional symbols and archetypes of the Indo-Aryan spiritual mythos are part of a body of knowledge, dating back eons, revealed to initiates and sometimes called the ancient mysteries. The deepest roots of these hoary traditions trace directly to the Indian subcontinent, the cultural-spiritual “hive” as Godfrey Higgins called it, the nest and seedbed that brought forth many of the great civilizations and religions of the world. Among the ideas in this wealth of material is that world history is cyclical in nature, broken down by the ancient mystics and gurus into various ages or kalpas. Each rotation of the cycle is accompanied by certain cultural and spiritual developments. This is, of course, rather different from the traditional Western view of history as mostly linear and progressive (albeit with occasional setbacks, times of stagnation and dark ages).

Both Eastern and Western ideas of history are rooted in religious concepts and writings. And, some of the basic themes and concepts about “end times” events (for those who believe in end times) are similar. We invite your attention as we take a look into the most ancient of epochs for hints about the present day through a much older, and perhaps equally valid, alternative view of history and cultural events. The goal of this exercise is to present some basic concepts to Western readers who are generally unfamiliar, or misinformed, as to our subject matter. In Dr. Annie Besant’s lectures, later published as Seven Great Religions, she said, “I have striven to sketch each religion in its best, its purest, and most occult form, and each as though I belonged to it and were preaching it as my own.” [Read the entire article as PDF…]

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